Jamie Foxx is the latest star to have raised his arm in support of Frank Ocean 's recent revelations surrounding his sexuality as the hip hop world also begins to show the sort of warmth towards the artist that many sceptics fear would never come. With 50 Cent also coming out in support of Ocean today, Foxx's voice is just another to add to the pleasingly huge list.
He told MTV "Elton John did it. For Frank Ocean to do it and be hip-hop and black, he's breaking ground, and kudos to him. At the end of the day, his music is for everybody". Joking, he added "Now when I put his music on, I am trying to get at the ladies. Frank, you helping me out. You done left more for me, Frank".
Foxx, who is currently doing the promotional rounds for his latest film 'Django Unchained', directed by Quentin Tarantino, went on to say that he thought Ocean's admission meant that it was only matter of time before many more artists in the rap and hip hop community came out. "When I heard that he came out, I thought, 'Courageous, hooray for him,'" Foxx commented. "It's just the beginning. I have several friends who live in darkness and live in fear, and it's just time." Let's hope so.