Frank Ocean dreams of going back to school.

The 'Thinkin Bout You' hitmaker would love to return to education at some point in his life and he is currently taking French lessons at the moment.

He said: ''Yeah, I'd still love to go to school. I'm sure there's something about adults romanticising college again, but yeah. Right now I'm just taking French, and you know, honestly, that's about as much extracurricular as I can deal with.''

And the 31-year-old singer has learned a lot about the music industry throughout his career and he tries to take a particular approach to his career goals.

He added to Gayletter magazine: ''A lot of people I talk to about careers in the music industry, their ideas of success have to do with nostalgia. They have to do with tropes of success, things they've been shown over the years that represent what a successful career is. I think that helps you become prey, because somebody can manipulate you with those things. Then you may get to a point in your experience where you become disillusioned with those things.

''So anybody having a clear idea - even if it's as crass as 'how much money do I want to make, specifically?' - I think that's much clearer than some of these other things that represent success, whether that's X amount of spins or streams or plaques. Even sold-out venues. If those things don't help you reach your defined priorities, then what are those things there for? That's how I try to make decisions in my life and career, and, if asked, I share that philosophy with anybody who asks. For me, it's about Why am I doing this? What exactly do I want from this? And how do I get those specific things I want out of this? And what does success look like on those terms? And what does failure look like on those terms? That's how I think about it now.''