Frank Ocean is set to star in 'Ships Passing In The Night'.

The 30-year-old star will play the role of Kevin in the Michael Kang-directed film, which will tell the story of Brad Bang and Grace Sol, a male model and an actress who fall in love with each other.

A synopsis of the film reads: ''Brad Bang is one of the top male supermodels in the world. Grace Sol is a passionate but fragile actress.

''Despite their growing, troubled relationship, after a series of rehearsals and one fateful night, Grace falls for Brad, only to realise that despite needing each other, their love is forbidden.''

However, at this stage, not much is known about Frank's role in the film - which is currently in pre-production.

The American star is, of course, best known for his musical talents.

But Frank hasn't released an album since 'Blonde' in 2016, and the chart-topping singer previously teased that he could be moving away from music to try something new that he's a ''novice'' at.

He explained: ''I believe that I am one of the best in the world at what I do, and that's all I ever wanted to be.

''It's more interesting for me to figure out how to be superior in areas where I'm naive, where I am a novice.''