Frank Ocean has hinted he'll drop some new music this year.

The 'Nikes' hitmaker set tongues wagging after he shared a cryptic message on his tumblr account in which he posted a photo of a person wearing a green hat that read ''IF YOU LIKED 2017, YOU'LL LOVE 2018'' along with the caption: ''new 18-99.''

But this won't be the first time the 30-year-old singer has teased some new songs as he admitted around his birthday in November that he was sitting on a full album.

He said at the time: ''I made the album before 30. I just aint put that bitch out!''

He added: ''quotes from an interview I haven't given.''

The 'Swim Good' hitmaker has been hinting that he is working on new music for some time, though he previously said that he may never release another record.

Frank is no longer signed to a label, after splitting from Def Jam Recordings, and he said last year that he doesn't feel the need to release a full collection of songs and that he might stick to a ''half-a-song format''.

At the time, he said: ''Because I am not in a record deal, I don't have to operate in an album format. I can operate in half-a-song format.''

Meanwhile, the 'Novacane' singer teased that he could be moving away from music to try something new that he is a ''novice'' at.

He said previously: ''I believe that I am one of the best in the world at what I do, and that's all I ever wanted to be.

''It's more interesting for me to figure out how to be superior in areas where I'm naive, where I am a novice.''