It rained hard on Lollapalooza during Saturday, and it's something Odd Future man Frank Ocean can certainly relate to. After all, he's been flooded in critical acclaim of late, his latest album 'Channel Orange' receiving glorious reviews left, right and centre, with the artist himself riding on a wave of good will after coming out about his sexuality on his Tumblr page. The stars were aligned then for the ultra-smooth star to make a real impact at the rain hit event in Chicago, and he delivered with aplomb, according to MTV.
Ocean was one of the artists who had his initial set time changed following the floods on the Saturday, but he didn't let that put him off as he took to the stage later that same evening and indeed in contrast to the big shots on the main stage, it was the intimacy of his performance that won the crowd over. Opening with a cover of Sade's 'By Your Side', Ocean was content to let his singing do the job, with little crowd interaction in between songs, captivating instead with his presence and voice.
A great live band helped, but it was his show, and the high point came with the song 'Bad Religion', which he introduced as "important ... for all the things I've said in the past month" adding "I'm just taking some freedom for myself." It was a freedom the crowd in Chicago were more than happy to share in.