Frank Ocean has received a wave of support after coming out over his sexuality this week, though one British rapper has questioned whether the genre is ready for a gay or bisexual star. In an open letter on his Tumblr page, the Odd Future star revealed that his first love was a man.

Music mogul Russell Simmons praised Ocean for his courage and honesty, while Odd Future leader Tyler the Creator also commended his friend for coming out. London-born singer Professor Green is the latest to support the MC, though expressed his concerns on how a music scene primarily focused on image would accept the news. Green tweeted, "Is hip-hop adult enough to deal with frank oceans honesty? It's a weird genre really, often less about the music and more about the bravado and image (sic)". He followed the remarks up by stating, "Adele never had to sell crack to sell records.Don't mind me, Just discussing my biggest love objectively". Though luminaries of the music industry have come out in support of Ocean, he will probably have been most encouraged by the comments made by his mother Katonya Breaux Riley, who told Twitter followers, "Thank you to all who have shown love and support. My son is the most incredible human I know. Honest, true and loving. We appreciate you!".

Ocean - real name Christopher Breaux - began his career as ghost-writer for the likes of John Legend and Justin Bieber. In February 2011, he released his debut mix-tape Nostalgia Ultra to critical acclaim.