Frank Eddie was created out of ''two crates of R&B records.''

The project is the brainchild of Lemon Jelly's Fred Deakin, who started to put together a cappellas from old R&B vinyls onto backing tracks he had been writing for a movie project he is also working on.

He told BANG Showbiz: ''I met this guy called Chris who was an R&B DJ at a party, and he was going digital, so he sold me two crates of R&B records - which always have a cappellas on them - so it was like having the world's best singers popping into your studio.

''So I just started throwing a cappellas down because it's fun, thus Frank Eddie, because they all started sounding so good and I couldn't go back.

''There was one which was going to be the theme song for this narrative, movie album, but it sounded so good, you've got to go with what works, and trust The Flow.''

Frank's music is rooted in bootlegs and has a very different sound to that of electronic band Lemon Jelly's work, which Fred said was intentional as he doesn't want to repeat himself.

He added: ''The obvious thing to do would be to replicate Lemon Jelly with the scratchy speech samples, but that's Lemon Jelly and this is something else. Classic number one mistake is to make tracks with your solo project that sound exactly like your band, what's the point, so I didn't want to go back down that route.''

Frank Eddie's single '(Let Me Be) The One You Call On' is out now and his debut album is set for release later this year.