Director Frank Darabont is bringing another Stephen King novella to the big screen after finding success with the author's stories The Shawshank Redemption (94) and The Green Mile (98). THE MIST tells the story of a small town being slowly engulfed in a thick mist that kills anyone caught in its darkness. When terrified survivors seek shelter in a supermarket, they're attacked by deadly creatures. Darabont has worked on the 1985 short story, which features in King's SKELETON CREW collection, for twenty years. Bob Weinstein, head of film company DIMENSION, tells Empire Online, "I'm a fan of films like SAW, WOLF CREEK and HOSTEL, but when I started Dimension, Stephen King and his ability to create real character-based thrills in MISERY, CARRIE and The Shining was an inspiration for the kind of films I wanted to make. "This is a great opportunity to get one of those classic properties and to work with Frank, who handles Stephen's work so well."