Frank Carter has cancelled his upcoming tour to battle his ''demons'' after opening up on his struggle with his mental health.

The rock star - who previously fronted hardcore band Gallows, and is now at the helm for Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes - updated his fans in a candid post on his group's Facebook page, explaining why he had made the decision take a break from life on the road for the sake of his own wellbeing.

He wrote: ''When life gets dark inside there is no outside light that is bright enough to show you a safe passage. When you cannot find the light in yourself, that is when the real fight begins. Recently I have found myself fighting harder and much more frequently than I think is either healthy or acceptable.

''No person should ever have to constantly fight through demons.

''So instead, I am taking some time away from touring to focus on finding the light within myself to be able to always find a safe passage through any situation that the dark labyrinthine confines of my mind can throw at me.''

The star thanked fans for their understanding, and insisted while he is ''not ok'', he will be as he steps away to become a ''stronger, happier and healthier person''.

In a brave and inspirational note to fans, he added: ''If you are struggling with the weight of the world around you, please talk to someone. Embarrassment breeds Shame, shame breeds loneliness and loneliness will kill you if you let it. You are not alone.''