Russian President VLADIMIR PUTIN has praised Francis Ford Coppola during a visit by the American director to Moscow to receive a prestigious film award.

The Apocalypse Now film-maker visited Putin at the Kremlin before receiving the GOLDEN EAGLE award from Russia's NATIONAL ACADEMY OF CINEMATIC ARTS AND SCIENCES for his contribution to world cinematography.

The Russian premier was full of praise for Coppola's filmography during the televised meeting on Saturday (29JAN05) - The Godfather is hugely popular in Russia, but Putin also cited Coppola films, "That so accurately tell the horrors of war."

Coppola repaid the compliment by lauding Putin's speech to mark the 60th anniversary (27JAN05) of Soviet troops liberating Auschwitz - the Polish Nazi death camp synonymous with The Holocaust. Coppola commented, "Excellent speech. But in person you look much younger than you did on TV."

31/01/2005 17:34