Thieves have broken into the home of Oscar winning director Francis Ford Coppola in Buenos Aires and stolen a laptop containing the script for a new film.

The filmmaker, who is best-known for directing The Godfather, was not at home when robbers broke into his house in the Argentinean capital.

An employee told local media that a gang of five thieves had raided the residence and taken a laptop and other electronic equipment.

The worker told a local television station that a person had suffered injuries during the incident, in an upmarket area of the city.

Speaking to local television, the employee said: "Coppola is very sad and the only thing he's asked for is to get back his computer, which is essential for him and for his work."

The stolen laptop is said to contain the script as well as preparatory work for a new film, Tetro, which was set for release in 2009 and is scheduled to star Matt Damon.

Coppola is living in Buenos Aires while working on Tetro, which explores the relationships in a family of Italian immigrants working in the city.

28/09/2007 07:28:41