Filmmaker Francis Ford Coppola has been forced to ditch a series of sex scenes over the course of his career - because he's too shy to ask actresses to remove their clothing. Although the legendary director doesn't reveal which actress he's talking about, Coppola recalls one incident while he was shooting Dracula in the early 1990s where he lacked the courage to insist a timid beauty stripped for the cameras. He says, "My films are not known for steamy-hot sex scenes. Part of the reason is I'm too shy to ask the girl to do it. "You know, even in Dracula, where there was supposed to be these really erotic scenes, we'd make the deal with these girls and say, `OK, you're going to be naked in it,' and they'd agree. "And then, on the day, she's in there and she's too shy. She says her boyfriend's going to be upset. My son Roman was shooting second unit, and I say, 'Roman, you go tell her she's got to take her clothes off.' And he says, `I'm not going to do it. Let the assistant director do it.' "It's always uncomfortable, and I always end up pulling back."