Francis Ford Coppola defied the warnings of friends and Hollywood colleagues to cast eccentric Vincent Gallo in his new film.
Actor and filmmaker Gallo has been blacklisted by a number of filmmakers and actors after clashing with co-stars and cast members on various projects.
He once famously fired Winona Ryder from a movie after hiring her purely as a publicity stunt and reportedly filmed a sex scene with then-girlfriend Chloe Sevigny for controversial film The Brown Bunny.
Coppola admits when he considered Gallo for his new movie Tetra, he was inundated with calls, warning him away from the 48-year-old actor/director.
But, having directed legendary bad boy Marlon Brando in two movies, the legendary director was sure he could handle Gallo.
He says, "Vincent, when I cast him, everyone called me and told me, 'This guy is poison, don't work with him, do not involve him.' I cast him and it turned out he was a fabulous guy."