OSCAR-winning director Francis Ford Coppola is still so obsessed with the themes that inspired him as a student, he has decided to explore them again in his first movie since 1997.

Coppola, best known for the GODFATHER trilogy, hasn't made a film since THE RAINMAKER and now plans to shoot an adaptation of YOUTH WITHOUT YOUTH, a novel by Romanian author MIRCEA ELIADE.

According to industry magazine Variety, the low-budget production will be financed and written by Coppola alone. The movie will star Tim Roth and is set to begin filming in Bucharest, Romania, later this year (05).

Coppola says, "I was so excited to discover, in this tale by Eliade, the key themes that I most hope to understand better: time, consciousness and the dream-like basis of reality.

"For me, it is indeed a return to the ambitions I had for work in cinema as a student."