Legendary American filmmaker Francis Ford Coppola has been honoured by the French Legion after they promoted his rank from 'Chevalier' to 'Officer'. The Legion of Honour is the highest award given by the French Republic for outstanding service to France, regardless of the social status or nationality of the recipients. Coppola was praised on Thursday (10Aug07) for his contributions to cinema and culture, along with his "passion for food, wine and art" by France's consul general, Frederic Desagneaux. Desagneaux told Coppola at the ceremony held in his San Francisco home, "You are a wonderful storyteller. I think a main reason the French audience likes your films is that they deal with the myth and legend of America." Coppola says, "I wasn't quite expecting this promotion. I'm very grateful and I'm very touched. My granddaughter Romy (child of Sophia Coppola and French rocker Thomas Mars) thanks you as well." The Legion Of Honor was created by French leader Napoleon Bonaparte in 1802.