Kurt Cobain's daughter has been fighting for ownership over the Nirvana frontman's left-handed Martin D-18E acoustic-electric guitar ever since she split from musician Isaiah Silva, her husband of two years, in March (16).

The instrument is reportedly at the centre of their divorce proceedings as Silva claims she gave it to him as a wedding present, an allegation she denies. Both sides have reportedly failed to resolve the issue and the matter is heading to court.

As the battle drags on, Frances has filed paperwork asking the court to let her inspect the guitar to make sure Silva has been keeping it in top condition, according to TMZ.com. She also wants it to be looked after by a third party, an art shipping company, until they settle the issue.

The guitar was the last Kurt played before his death in 1994 and only 300 were made. Frances' mother Courtney Love has called it a "family heirloom".

In September (16), Frances was ordered to pay Silva $12,000 (£9,500)-a-month for four months to support him during their divorce, and she was also ordered to pay $15,000 (£12,000) towards his legal fees.