Frances, who's father was iconic grunge rocker Kurt Cobain, was home alone in her bedroom on Wednesday evening (30Mar16) after investigating a noise, she discovered a man running out of her front door.

According to, she immediately alerted the Hollywood Police Department to report the encounter. Thankfully it was overly quickly and nothing was stolen. There are currently no suspects but officers are making ongoing investigations into the incident.

The 23-year-old is the child of Nirvana front man Kurt and Hole singer Courtney Love, born in the summer of 1992, two year's before her father tragically took his life with a shotgun in Seattle.

The mother and daughter have recently reconciled following Frances difficult upbringing and accusations that Love was an unfit mother.

They recently posed for pictures at a London charity event last month (Mar16), where Courtney was being interviewed as the guest of honour.

"I'm so blessed to be the mother of the world's most incredible daughter. Kurt this is thinking of you dude. #family #motherdaughter #francesbeancobain” she tweeted in January.

The pair also successfully won a court injunction blocking the release of graphic photographs of Kurt's death scene last year (15).

Visual artist Frances has not yet commented on the alleged intruder incident.