Actress Fran Drescher has revisited her battle with cancer in a guest-starring role on American TV show STRONG MEDICINE.

The former star of THE NANNY was diagnosed with having uterine cancer in 2000, and will play a character going through a very similar trauma for Strong Medicine's 100th episode, which will also feature Camryn Manheim and SARA GILBERT.

Show regular PATRICIA RICHARDSON says, "This is Fran Drescher's real story. She had uterine cancer for two years. She went to eight doctors and nobody would listen to her.

"She kept saying, 'I'm having cramps, I don't feel right, there's something wrong,' and nobody would do a trans-vaginal ultrasound and nobody would listen to her because she was too young and too thin (to have it).

"So she walked around for two years with uterine cancer before somebody finally did the ultrasound and found it. She's very lucky to be alive...

"You'll see in our story that her character's not as fortunate. She's wonderful in this episode."

28/09/2004 02:27