Actress Fran Drescher has accused Penelope Cruz of getting together with Matthew Mcconaughey because she's on the rebound from her failed romance with Tom Cruise.

McConaughey, who embarked on a romance with Cruz after meeting her on the set of their new movie SAHARA, was a guest on comedian Jay Leno's chat show earlier this week (begs04APR05).

And when his interview was over, Drescher, former star of THE NANNY, came on and flirted with McConaughey while talking about her failed relationship with a younger man.

She said, "I was involved with a man 16 years my junior. We were together for four years. We've been apart for two years now," before turning to McConaughey and adding, "So I'm ready, whereas Penelope is really rebounding!"

A stunned McConaughey responded, "Hey, you gotta crash the boards, baby!"

06/04/2005 09:19