Beloved U.S. TV star and cancer survivor Fran Drescher is considering a run for Congress. The actress-turned-activist has been approached by high ranking politicians who would like to see her taking a political role and now has until "the end of the summer" to decide if she wants to campaign. She tells American magazine Ladies Home Journal, "It's something that I thought I'd end up moving towards, but I didn't think that I would do it by the end of the summer. "I question also if I am I more effective as a lobbyist and a spokesperson than as an elected official, where I have to divide my attention to a lot of other things." In the meantime, Drescher is supporting Hillary Clinton's push to become America's first female president. She adds, "I'm personally supportive of Hillary as a private citizen because I think that we're long overdue to have a little oestrogen in The White House. "There is nobody on either side of the fence in Capitol Hill that can dispute that her desire to reform U.S. healthcare is sincere. I think that she is a woman's woman, and I'm dedicated to try and get women to see that."