Comediennes Fran Drescher and Joan Rivers were forced out into the streets of Washington, DC yesterday (11MAY05), after

two pilots of a private plane flew into restricted airspace.

The error forced a frenzy of evacuations - including that of former US first lady Nancy Reagan, who was visiting the White House.

Rivers and Drescher were both in town to lobby Congress; Rivers as a spokesperson for the NATIONAL OSTEOPOROSIS FOUNDATION, Drescher for the need for better public education about gynaecologic cancers.

Drescher says, "A woman came running (and) screaming, 'We have to evacuate the building!' We ran for our lives. We ran down New Jersey Avenue and they made us run past D Street. It was hot, the make-up ran, the hair got frizzy.

"I headed back to gentrified Georgetown."

12/05/2005 21:17