Foy Vance Will Release His New 'Melrose Ep' On The 27th August 2012

Foy Vance Will Release His New 'Melrose Ep' On The 27th August 2012

Communion Records are pleased to announce that Irish singer-songwriter Foy Vance will release his new 'Melrose EP' on the 27th August via Communion. The 'Melrose EP' is a collaboration between Foy and acclaimed producer, David Holmes and is the score for Terry George's Academy Award winning film 'The Shore'. This is Foy's first body of new material in a handful of years, and will be followed by the release of his album in early 2013.

Speaking of how his collaboration with Foy came about, David Holmes said: "I asked Foy because Terry George was looking for an Irish themed score and after reading the script and talking to Terry I felt that some of the songs would work brilliantly within the film along side some of the score that had already been created.

"I always thought Foy had a great voice but I had my own ideas in how he should be using it.,.. softer, quieter with less force. After sending Foy a bunch of tracks that I hoped he would be influenced by he came to my studio and played me some songs he had written. The ones I liked and felt I could contribute to were recorded at my studio in Belfast and then finished in LA."

Though he spent most of his formative years in the grim surroundings of 1980's Belfast, singer/songwriter Foy Vance's musical vision is the product of an entirely different sort of nervous tension - the cross-racial friction, harmony, and disharmony that gave rise to jazz, blues, and soul in the American South, where Vance, the son of a traveling church minister, spent the pivotal first five years of his life.

Drawn particularly to the spiritual aspect of those music forms, Vance took his cues from the likes of Otis Redding and Nina Simone, adjusting his own guttural singing style accordingly, and his distinctive Northern Irish lilt finds an obvious point of comparison in similarly styled compatriot Van Morrison. Musically, Vance draws as much from the British folk tradition as he does American music; this influence manifests itself in the rhythmic, invariably alternately tuned, acoustic guitar style that is almost as prominent a melodic voice on much of his work as piano or vocals.

'The 'Melrose EP' is Foy Vance's second film-score for Terry George, following on from 2011's 'Whole Lotta Sole'. Lead track 'Be The Song' has also received some significant syncs in the US on Private Practice, House and Vampire Diaries.