Foy Vance,
The Retro Bar, Manchester
Live Review

Foy Vance

A larger than life-size Jack Daniels picture hangs over the flat-cap doffed journeying Irishman Foy Vance, as he embarks upon a set that hops between the solemn tenderness of Damien Rice and the rugged uncompromising nature of The Crimea, with a splatter of gospel hurled over it. The rugged and yearning nature of the music is freshened up by a cheeky George Formby interlude, chattering members of the crowd are hushed down by captivated onlookers willing to set off on a journey with this world-weary spokesman. The rustic setting bears out the gritty nature of the music, as new single ‘Gabriel & Vagabond’ highlights the stripped down approach that plays into the hands of the slightly forlorn and piercing vocal cries.

An emotion laden and winding run through Radiohead’s ‘High and Dry’ from ‘The Bends’ album, fills the room with familiarity and turns the intrigue levels up a notch. Some Joseph Arthur style sampling and vocal labouring, keeps the set turning and twisting. With true Rock N’ Roll irony, Foy announces that he does not do requests, before indulging someone who has travelled a 100 miles this evening, with a passionate version of the life-grappling ‘Fast In The Mud’. This number will form the crux of Foy’s debut album, when it is released and already you can see that the intrigue is growing quickly. This is borne out in the satisfied looks and the reception given from gatherers at the close of this fleeting 30 minute look into the world of one of life’s riddles.


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