LATEST: Jailed rapper Foxy Brown has pleaded with a judge to grant permission for a specialist doctor to save her hearing - insisting she has "too much talent" to let it go to waste. The hip-hop star - real name Inga Marchand - is currently serving a year behind bars for violating her probation after a string of altercations and she returned to court in New York on Thursday (17Jan08) to ask for extra medical help. She is not due for release from New York's Riker's Island prison until September (08), but wrote to Judge Melissa Jackson on Tuesday (15Jan07), claiming she is in danger of losing her hearing if she is not treated by a specialist in California. The star insists that if her sense of sound is damaged, it would wreck her music career. Brown was called before Supreme Court Judge Jackson, and ordered to be examined by a doctor from New York City's Department Of Health And Mental hygiene to determine the severity of her condition. As she left court, the 29-year-old begged the judge to adhere to her plea, saying, "I have too much talent to throw it away. I know I will make you proud and my family proud." She will discover if her request has been granted on 31 January (08).