Friends of Foxy Brown are concerned for the rapper's safety after having had no contact from her in over a week. Brown - real name Inga Marchand - was last seen boarding an American Airlines flight to London at New York's JFK Airport on 29 June (07). Her lawyer, New York State Senator Jack Sampson, tells, "We're all trying to find Foxy. She's probably getting some much needed rest. "She's been given authorisation to travel and she could be working on her album. She is trying to get her album done. Depending on whom she's working with, she could be anywhere." Brown recently made the headlines after allegedly being mugged by four thieves on 23 June (07). She initially denied the incident had taken place, but has since admitted to having her stolen items - $500 (GBP250), credit cards and a Louis Vuitton bag - returned to her.