Rapper Foxy Brown is expecting to be released from jail early, sometime in the next two weeks - a spokesperson for the star reveals.
Brown - real name Inga Marchand - has been incarcerated in New York's notorious Riker's Island prison since September (07), when she was handed a 12-month sentence for breaking parole conditions.
Her attempts to secure an early release in January (08) failed when a judge rejected her claims she needed treatment in Los Angeles for an ongoing ear condition.
But a representative claims she has now secured her freedom, and will be released this month (Apr08).
The spokesperson tells AllHipHop.com, "The past year has been a difficult one for Foxy, but now, the countdown has started. She will be out in the next two weeks, so we are aligning everything for her now."
Brown's release will leave her plenty of time to promote her new album Brooklyn's Don Diva, which is launched in May (08).
She is also planning a reality show to promote the LP. The rep reveals, "The show will chronicle her life and what's she's been doing. The music business has changed, she's been away for eight months, so the show will show her getting her life back on track."