Rapper Foxy Brown showed her appreciation for her fans' support during her eight-month prison stint by replying to every letter she received behind bars.
The star began serving a year-long sentence at New York's notorious Rikers Island detention centre in September, 2007 following her conviction for a fight with two manicurists.
She walked free in April, 2008 after eight months, but admits she wouldn't have made it through the tough time without the kind words of support from her devotees.
Marking the two year anniversary of her release with a post on Twitter.com, Brown writes, "Just 2 yrs (years) ago I was sitting in a jail cell thanking GOD for my freedom. Today, I'm home!!! And I thank yall for the bulletproof luv (sic).... APRIL 18TH is officially FOX BOOGIE DAY! Spent this beautiful day wit (sic) my family...
"My fans and I go hard for each other!!! Your letters in prison kept my spirit alive, so I suprised yall (sic) and wrote back! Luv!"
Brown isn't the only famous face to have graced the cells of Rikers Island - fellow rappers Remy Ma and Lil Wayne are currently serving time behind bars at the same location.