Foxes is still surprised that other people know the lyrics to her songs.

The 'Holding Onto Heaven' hitmaker, real name Louisa Rose Allen, admits she's still getting used to her success and can't believe the number of fans who sing along when she's performing.

The 25-year-old star told Andrea Zara from KISS FM UK backstage at the Wireless Festival in Birmingham today (06.07.14): ''It's absolutely insane. I never thought in a million years that thousands of people would sing the songs I'd written two years ago on a bit of paper in my bedroom.''

The brunette beauty, who will make her acting debut in an episode of the upcoming eighth series of the hit BBC sci-fi drama 'Doctor Who,' also revealed her mother is her biggest fan.

She said: ''Of course my mum is there front row singing along.''

The 'Youth' singer loves performing at music festivals.

She previously said: ''I love festivals, I'm a festival fan, I'd go anyway.''

But she also gets annoyed when people think she's a manufactured artist.

She explained: ''I get quite a lot of people thinking I don't write the music, which is mental, but I guess, which you're considered a sort of 'pop' act some people just immediately think, 'Ah, you didn't write it.' ''