Foxes was starstruck when Pharrell Williams asked her to support him on tour.

The 'Holding Onto Heaven' hitmaker, real name Louisa Rose Allen, is a huge fan of the 'Happy' singer and still can't believe he personally asked for her to be his support act on his European tour.

She told the Daily Star newspaper: ''I couldn't quite believe he knew who I was. He said he was a really big fan, he loved my sound and that I was really unique. I did this cover of his song 'Happy' and we chatted about that. He made me feel really comfortable, he's so chilled.

''I remember being a kid and just looking up to him and thinking he's just the king of music.''

It's a big year for the 25-year-old star, who will make her acting debut in an episode of the upcoming eighth series of the hit BBC sci-fi drama 'Doctor Who' but she admitted she initially had some reservations.

She explained: ''It's more singing than acting. That's why I'm doing it. Acting isn't something I thought I would get into.'