British singer Foxes had to quit her local gym as her hits were on a constant rotation while she was working out.

The pop star's hit tracks Let Go for Tonight and Clarity are firm favourites among gym-goers, and she eventually ended her membership at her local fitness centre because she became sick of hearing her singles playing while she was exercising.

The singer, real name Louisa Allen, also feared fellow members would recognise her when her videos were played on the gym's big screen.

She tells Britain's Daily Star newspaper, "Oh my God, I changed my gym. I'm not kidding you. If I had to go to another gym and see my face on screen or hear my songs again, I was going to go crazy... Let Go For Tonight and Clarity were both on their playlist so I couldn't be in there 40 minutes without hearing myself at least twice. The fact is, I don't want people to recognise me in that state."