A Family Guy spin off involving the character Cleveland Brown is reported to be in development.

The Hollywood Reporter quotes sources as claiming that Fox and 20th Century Fox TV are currently developing a spin-off show of the animated hit series.

It is claimed that the new show will be named Cleveland and is being written by Family Guy and American Dad creator Seth Macfarlane.

MacFarlane is believed to be working with Mike Henry, who voices the character of Cleveland, and Rich Appel, who currently work on the American Dad series and used to work on The Simpsons.

Family Guy has become a cult classic since being cancelled after just three series by Fox in 2003.

Huge DVD sales and fan support forced the network to reinstate the show in 2005 and it now into its sixth series.

The Hollywood Reporter claims the series has now become a $1 billion (£500 million) global franchise.

02/03/2008 16:55:15