Review of The First Word Is The Hardest EP by Four Day Hombre

Four Day Hombre: The First Word Is The Hardest
Released on Crystal Songs 07/07/2003

Having supported bands such as The Coral, JJ72 and Mew you know that you are in for a helping of groovy and soothing pop with the odd mad tune thrown in. This sums up Leeds band Four Day Hombre’s EP with the main track ‘The First Word Is The Hardest’ being a slow burning Coldplay meets Idlewild in a Yorkshire chip shop style building up to a thundering climax. Emotive lyrics dominate this four minute foray into human feelings and the unpredictability thereof:

FOUR DAY HOMBRE: The First Word Is The Hardest  @

“So we collide and I feel love is right, but I can’t read your mind .“

A neat slow piano introduction for the second track ‘Resolve’ gives it a soothing feel to begin with, before building up to boiling point with nippy guitars and assertive lyrics:

“I’m nobody’s plaything, I’m nobody’s little girl’

The EP is complemented by the intriguingly titled “Too cool to shop” in which starts off with a 6/10 Prince impression on vocals before diving into the most rock friendly tune in this offering. Four Day Hombre have already made friends with radio one and have the potential of making many more with their combination of biting lyrics coupled with crisp and captivating tunes.

David Adair