THE LAST KING OF SCOTLAND star Forest Whitaker regrets not being more composed during his acceptance speech at the Golden Globe Awards last week (15JAN07). The 45 year old won Best Actor in a Drama for his acclaimed portrayal of brutal Ugandan dictator Idi Amin, and was overcome by emotion when he took the stage. He struggled to compose himself and stuttered apologies as he attempted to regain control of his emotions. He explains, "I lived in the moment. Until I heard my name, I didn't know if it was going to be true. When I heard it I was overwhelmed, really. "I started stuttering around and stuff. I wish I was more coherent." Whitaker is also nominated for an Academy Award for the performance, but won't be disappointed if he doesn't win because making the film was so rewarding. He adds, "I guess (winning an Oscar) is historic. It goes down in history forever. People will always know that moment. "I think the private moments, the sort of individual moments when you're working, when you do something and it's pure magic, that's kind of what I live for."