Oscars favourite Forest Whitaker has been offered public speaking help after a string of flustered speeches at recent awards shows. THE LAST KING OF SCOTLAND star is hotly tipped to walk away with a Best Actor Academy Award on Sunday (25EB07) for his role as former Ugandan dictator Idi Amin. But fans and cast members are fearful he'll embarrass himself on stage with a nervous and ill-prepared acceptance speech. Speechmaking organisation Toastmasters International has offered tailored advice to prevent any public gaffes, including his BAFTA Awards' forgetfulness to thank his wife. A spokesman for the firm says, "An acceptance speech needs to be memorable for the right reason. The key is gratitude, recognition and sincerity with a controlled delivery." And Whitaker's latest screenwriter is quick to agree the tongue-tied star needs help. He says, "There comes a moment where you want to say, 'Forest, you can't be surprised any more. You have won everything else. It's not hubristic to turn up with a couple of remarks written down.'"