Forest Whitaker stayed in character for the entire shoot of Idi Amin film THE LAST KING OF SCOTLAND – even when talking to his wife on the phone. Director Kevin McDonald was impressed with the actor’s attitude and wowed by the effect it had when the cameras rolled. MCDonald says, “All actors have their methods. Forest was in character and spoke with the Ugandan accent on and off-set. I later found out, when I met his wife, that he spoke to her in accent too.” “And he wouldn't hang out with the crew - he hung out with Ugandans and ate Ugandan food, like mashed banana and beans. “If he had a lighthearted scene coming up, in the days leading up to it Forest would be relaxed and fun. If he had an angry scene with violence, Forest would distance himself. You could notice the effect it had. When he was due to shoot a scene, there was a real sense of awe, everyone was whispering ‘Forest is coming’.”