Forest Whitaker has blasted claims late Ugandan leader Idi Amin was a cannibal, insisting the accusation was a propaganda tool invented by his enemies. Whitaker play the notorious dictator in new movie THE LAST KING OF SCOTLAND, and while researching the role he learned Amin was a much more rounded person than his portrayal in western newspapers and magazines suggested. Whitaker, who is tipped for an Oscar nomination for his portrayal of Amin, says, "I don't think you should paint over the fact that a lot of people were killed. But I just don't believe he ate people. I've talked to his cabinet members, his family and all that, and I feel like that's propaganda. "You would think that Idi Amin has killed as many people as (ADOLF) HITLER by the way they behave. He certainly didn't kill more than some of the leaders of China and the Soviet Union.