Hollywood actor Forest Whitaker wants to host workshops for youngsters involved in the U.K. riots last year (11) as part of his charity's plan to bring peace to the country.

The Last King of Scotland star set up his PeaceEarth foundation to help societies affected by conflict and violence, and the organisation has been focusing on troubled regions of Uganda and Sudan.

However, Whitaker also wants to address the issues facing developed countries such as Great Britain, where violence and looting broke out in cities including London and Manchester in August last year (11).

The unrest was blamed on rising poverty and high levels of youth unemployment, so Whitaker wants to step in and offer his help.

The actor tells British newspaper the Daily Telegraph, "We're setting our first sights on Uganda and Southern Sudan, but the thing we want to do with this foundation is to emphasise that it is youth in all countries that need our help - developing and developed... There is conflict everywhere, so I want to address it here in the U.K., too, with the riots that happened in Tottenham (north London). There is good work that can be done, we want to reach out to those people who feel anger and work out how to turn that."

Whitaker was unable to meet with members of the British government during his trip to the U.K. this month (Nov12), but he hopes to return soon to personally work with youngsters who were involved in the riots.

He adds, "I haven't met with the U.K. Government as I have to leave here soon - our focus is the communities, though. When we do the workshops, I'll be conducting some of them and I do mediation work so I will be working directly with those who were involved... I want to work with the British youth and London as urban cities are a priority."