Despite being one of the most well respected character actors in Hollywood, the Oscar-winning star admits he still gets bouts of insecurity on screen. To combat this, the Last King of Scotland actor prefers to team up with filmmakers that have his back.

“I want a director who can let me feel that he's listening and watching and that he's got me covered,” he expressed to The Hollywood Reporter. "That security is really important for me because sometimes you go into a vulnerable space, and you want to be able to look to somebody because you get insecure: ‘Did I do that right?’”

The 54-year-old’s big screen breakout role was in Vietnam War classic Platoon. The 1986 multi-Oscar winner thrust Forest on to the world’s stage, though securing the part of Big Harold was no easy task as director Oliver Stone wasn’t sure he was the right actor for the job.

“I spent a week auditioning for the same part in Platoon,” he said of his wildest audition. “I'd come every day and read with everybody, but Oliver Stone wouldn't give me the job. I'd sit in the room, they'd bring me different actors, and I would be reading, and then I'd leave," he recalled.

"As I was walking away, he'd look out the window and he'd scream, 'Do it better!' And I'd be like: 'OK, tomorrow. Tomorrow!'"

After working hard to improve his performance Forest was eventually cast alongside the likes of Willem Dafoe, Charlie Sheen and Tom Berenger. The film won Academy Awards for Best Picture and Best Director for Stone in 1987.