Seventies rockers Foreigner have forged an unlikely partnership - their new world tour will promote an exclusive vineyard.

The Legends of Wine + Rock tour will take in eight US states, as well as a host of European venues, in a bid to promote Wente Vineyards, the oldest family-owned winery in California.

The COLD AS ICE hitmakers deny they are cashing in on a lucrative sponsorship deal, insisting their love of the alcoholic beverage is genuine.

Band manager Phil Carson tells wine website, "When I lived in Europe, I had a yacht and would go to Bordeaux for several days at a time.

"Wente has this beautiful vineyard up in California, and when Foreigner played there last year, we thought, why not bring some of that wine and spirit on the road?"

Tickets for the concert include an invitation to an exclusive tasting session at the vineyard, accompanied by members of the band.