Foo Fighters' support act The Struts want to give Dave Grohl and co ''a run for their money''.

The 'Body Talks' rockers are ''buzzing'' they get to go out on their second run with the 'Learn to Fly' hitmakers this July on the US leg of their 'Concrete and Gold Tour', and guitarist Adam Slack says they are hoping to be as big as their ''role models'' one day.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz, Adam laughed: ''They've taken us under their big hairy, sweaty wings. It's a hairy band, lots of beards.''

Before adding: ''We are lucky enough to be going out with them for the second time.

''We've got Maidson Square Garden, Fenway Park, stadiums and stuff.

''We are absolutely buzzing, it's all about to kick off for us.

''They are just great role models for us.

''I definitely look up to them in many aspects, but I want to give them a run for their money.''

Foos' frontman Dave recently faced headlines about his vocals sounding off, but he reassured fans that he was simply suffering from a cold.

Adam said of their hardcore performances: ''I think we were quite flabbergasted by how long they play, it really puts it into perspective.

''Three hours a night, how many of them? Six of them and all of them are the top of their game musician wise.''

The British rockers have also supported The Rolling Stones, but frontman Luke Spiller - who completes the band with bassist Jed Elliott and drummer Gethin Davies - was more starstruck bumping into Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio.

He said: ''It's really hard to meet them [Stones] backstage but we did, we've met them a few times.

''We were at the Chateau Marmont Hotel in Los Angeles, and Leonardo DiCaprio was there.

''I didn't even attempt to speak to him. Movie stars are bigger than music people, it's weird.

''I am more nervous talking to Leo than Mick Jagger.''