Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins has no intention of encouraging his friends and family to check out the band's new documentary - because he's not "comfortable" with its release.
Back and Forth is a behind-the-scenes look at the rockers' life away from the stage and Hawkins isn't too pleased that the public will have access to his private life.
He tells, "I wish we wouldn't put the f**king movie out to be honest because I'm not really comfortable with the public sort of openness, I'm really not."
However, Hawkins admits the film will offer fans a very real and interesting perspective of the band.
He adds, "We almost broke up and I almost died and all those crazy things have happened. And that's what people want.
"If they're gonna watch a f**king movie about you they don’t just want some guys sitting around and going, 'Ooh, it was really great and then we were all so happy and then we played this show and things just got better and we made lot of money.' That would be boring and unrealistic."
Back and Forth hits select U.K. cinemas this week (beg04Apr11).