Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl has written an open letter to rockers Metallica - urging them not to release their new album until it's "kick-ass".
The Whiskey In The Jar hitmakers are set to release their highly anticipated ninth studio album later this year (08) after a five-year absence from the charts.
And Grohl has written to the band, asking them not to rush the new LP - as he is a huge fan and would be devastated if it didn't live up to his expectations.
The letter, which has been posted on, reads, "Hey, it's Dave! Remember me? I'm the guy that's been listening to your band faithfully since 1983. I bought your first album 'Kill 'Em All' from a mail order catalogue. But that album changed my life.
"I can't wait to hear the new s**t, and no matter what you guys do I'll always be first one at the shop waiting to hear it. I'm sure you'll come out and blow everybody's f**kin' minds, because you're f**kin' METALLICA! Good luck. And don't release it until it's kick-ass."
And the former Nirvana drummer hints that he would love to collaborate on the album, if they haven't completed it yet.
He adds, "P.S. Are you finished recording the drums yet?"