Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl has warned troubled British rocker PETE DOHERTY to not succumb to the rock'n'roll cliche by letting his drug addiction destroy his career.

Doherty leapt to international fame last year (04) with his former band The Libertines, but in recent months has received more attention for his ongoing battle with his addiction to crack cocaine and his rocky romance with supermodel lover KATE MOSS.

After hearing GARBAGE singer Shirley Manson had recommended Doherty speak to the more experienced Grohl, the former NIRVANA star says, "I mean, with someone like Pete from the Libertines, who I have never met, God, it's like a biography that you have read 10 times before. It doesn't have to be that way.

"I'm not one to preach to anybody. I've had my share of fun, too. But music is such a beautiful thing. I would hate to see it suffer to something like drugs. What a drag. What a waste. Such a bummer.

"In a way it is almost glorified, you know. 'Wow, he must be a bad a*s, he is living the life.' To me it just seems like, 'God, don't do it.' It's such a cliched dead end. But at the same time I don't mind drinking half a bottle of whiskey every now and then with some friends."

08/06/2005 17:31