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I LOVE YOU DAVE !THANKS! for being so humble and realizing that although you are Great drummer, RINGO is a GENIUS drummer who can play just about EVERY style except maybe straight ahead jazz (Ringo will be the first to admit this).Being in the BEATLES meant that you had to play rock, rockabilly, pop, country, bossa nova, ballads,psychedelia, swing... ALL STYLES. RINGO was the first REAL Rock Drummer. And when RINGO plays, you KNOW that it's HIM playing ! How many drummers have such a recognizable STYLE ??? Just try to play some of Ringo's idiosyncratic syncopations and fills and it will humble YOU, too ! And all on a small combo drum kit ! There is NOBODY who keeps such constant time (this was BEFORE drummers had drum machines to play along with). RINGO put the BEAT in the BEATles ! Just listen to the different styles and musicality in She Loves You, AHDNight, Ticket To Ride, Rain, Tomorrow Never Knows, Strawberry Fields, A Day In The Life, Come Together, Something, and on and on...RINGO hated drum solos and technic just for technique's sake and felt the drums should SERVE THE MUSIC. REINGO Served the music. GOD BLESS you RINGO and GOD BLESS YOU DAVE (say "HI" to Taylor Hawkins who owes as much to RINGO as to Dave and Stewart Copeland). PRAY FOR & IMAGINE PEACE XO

Posted 9 years 12 months ago by NikkiSTARR

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