Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl has a great memory of former bandmate KURT COBAIN - the late NIRVANA singer once told him he felt like a "brother" to him.

The two rockers met after Grohl won a place in the acclaimed grunge band as they began their quest for stardom, and a comment made by the COME AS YOU ARE singer soon after has stuck with Grohl.

He says, "On the first tour I did with Nirvana in England in 1990, I'd only been in the band for about a month. We went out drinking at some bar where they were playing Ride and My Bloody Valentine, s*** like that.

"Kurt was drunk and he came up to me and he said, 'Man, I'm so glad you're in this band, you have no idea. We really feel like you're a brother to us and we're so happy and thankful that you joined the band and made us what we are.'

"That was great. It was the only time he ever said anything like that."

02/10/2003 21:29