Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl miraculously recovered from a throat infection to perform a British concert this weekend (ends08MAY05) - after a doctor prescribed him whisky.

The ALL MY LIFE rocker was so desperate to play at UK radio station RADIO 1's ONE BIG WEEKEND extravaganza, he was prepared to try the novel remedy in addition to tried and tested antibiotics.

Grohl's voice recovered sufficiently only minutes before he was due to take the stage at Sunderland, England's Herrington County Park - and he owes it all to his physician.

He says, "I went to the doctors because I knew there was a problem with my throat and I knew we had to do this show.

"There are some doctors who'll give you these super hulk tablets that'll make you get through it and some doctors who'll just tell you not to sing.

"My doctor asked when my next show was and I said, 'Saturday'. He told me, 'You might not want to do that,' but I said, 'That's not an option.' So he put me on antibiotics and here I am. He told me to drink me more whisky."

09/05/2005 13:46