Officials in Northern Ireland have been inundated with noise complaints following a rocking performance by the Foo Fighters at an outdoor music festival on Tuesday (21Aug12).
The Best of You hitmakers were headlining the first night of the Tennent's Vital festival in Belfast's Osborne Park on Tuesday when nearby residents grew angry about the loud noise and called local authorities to complain.
Eileen Fee, who lives close to the venue, says, "I just thought I was at the concert, that's how loud it was. It was really impossible to do anything else at home."
Local councillor Clair Hanna agrees with the criticism and admits that festival organisers may have to make future volume adjustments in order to accommodate locals.
She tells the Bbc, "It was exceptionally loud. I welcome that we have concerts of this level but we do have to balance it with the right of people to enjoy a quiet night at home. Most residents understand that people want to enjoy a night out but a second night at the same level might provoke a few more calls."
It is not known if event organisers had been warned to keep the noise down for the second night of the festival on Wednesday (22Aug12), which is being headlined by The Stone Roses.