P DIDDY's former butler Farnsworth Bentley was flabbergasted when CAMERON DIAZ asked him to join her on an MTV project in Chile, and even offered to help him pack.

The movie star insisted that Bentley joined her for the TRIPPIN' reality show as she travelled through Chile - and called him personally to invite him on the trip.

Super smart Bentley enjoyed the experience but he says packing light and living without showers was tough.

He reveals, "We had a ball but we really grinded it out. There were no showers in Chile. I think they were a little concerned because they know I have a sense of style.

"I struggled packing but Cameron came over and helped me pack, which was a good thing.

"It was great because I was like, 'A year ago, I was packing Sean Combs' things, and now I've got Cameron Diaz helping me pack my stuff.'"

04/05/2004 09:07