Rap mogul SEAN 'P DIDDY' COMBS is searching for a new butler, and he specifically wants a white man.

Diddy enjoyed the services of Farnsworth Bentley, who is black, for quite some time - even having his employee follow him with an umbrella to shade him from the sun.

But now that Bentley has gone on to star in rap videos for the likes of Outkast, launch his own umbrella line and become a TV reporter and celebrity in his own right, Diddy has decided it's time to find himself a replacement.

He says, "Right now I'm actually interviewing for a butler. I'm looking for a white man - I'm an equal opportunity employer. A white man with an accent and a lot of knowledge and service in fine wines."

Diddy also wants his potential recruit to be "sexy".

11/10/2004 09:40