Foals frontman Yannis Philippakis is eyeing an unusual career venture as a parfumier in his later years after his band calls it quits.

The 26-year-old rocker discovered the joys of gardening as a youngster and now tends to his plants as a way of winding down after stressful sessions in the studio.

Philippakis hopes one day he will be able to take advantage of his flora knowledge by launching his own range of natural fragrances.

He tells Britain's Daily Star, "It's hardly 'shock horror' that I can't see Foals lasting until I'm 40. I want to bring out my own perfume by then. My mum made me do gardening as a chore to earn pocket money, but I love it now.

"After getting obsessive in the studio, I calm down by growing roses and looking after my garden. I want to harvest the rose oil, put it into perfumes and bring out a range of fragrances."